Friday, 25 May 2012

The Summer Begins.

 So I think that summer has begun personally. I've had a great few days and going out for the next two nights so, so far things are really good! Had some brilliant photo opportunities this week because of going to a picnic with friends and spending the day with my beautiful girlfriend. I'm looking forward to taking pictures later too! Have a gander. 

Monday, 21 May 2012

The future.

A beach.
The tide goes out.
The sky mixes with orange, blue and pink.
The wind blows.

The sun shines.

I've had the same jeans on for four years now.

I'm going to a disco in the middle of the town
Everybody's dressing up.
I'm dressing down. 

I felt it appropriate.
Basically today was a sad day, as I cut up the jeans which I had purchased in year 9 and made them into shorts. They were my favourite jeans at one point and they were ridiculously comfy, however still did not fit me today. They had huge rips in them though from when I had worn them to work and caught them on everything so I thought I'd recycle them into shorts. Here's a few shots of them. Enjoy. 

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Presenting Happy.

Basically, let us loose with acrylic paint, empty wine bottles and a few balloons and you find that you can have more fun that you think. Here are the pictures of the day which explore staged poses, emphasis of colour and different focus'. Enjoy!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

English revision.

Revision is boring and tedious, however I figured a way to make me interested in doing the revision. 

I decided to make a bit of a photography project out of my revision, so got my Malteasers which are very beneficial to revising and took a few photos with them on top of my revision materials. Have a gander. 

I am also using coloured paper to complete a kind of table on my wall which relates to the texts I've been analysing which then will be condensed into features of identity. This was so much fun. 

Saturday, 12 May 2012


So, today I went with my girlfriend and her sister to visit their grandparents. It was lovely and I really enjoyed myself. They're the kind of people that will make you feel really welcome and comfortable. We had some pretty amazing vegetable pizza, considering I'm not too much of a fan, I really liked it, with some good cheesecake too. We were looking through photo albums which had pictures of my girlfriend and she was possibly one of the cutest toddlers you would ever see.
Its moments like those which I love. I'm really curious about everyone I care about so seeing how she was when she was little really made me smile. I'm a lucky guy.
It also made me feel included in the family a little too. I love that as well. :)

Friday, 11 May 2012


So, seen as my brains been kicked into gear I thought I'd use my thoughts to create something.
I think life is what you make of it. If you're miserable, then something is making you miserable. That may not be your fault, but if it is, then that is something that you can change. If you have something amazing in your life, you have done something to deserve the happiness you receive.

Our actions determine our lives. That is a fact as far as I'm concerned. So if you're bored, miserable, lonely or alone, do something to change it. Make effort with people, have a laugh, do something you wouldn't usually do, or try to be the best person that you can be.

I'm happy at the minute, but I feel that I've done all I can so far to be happy. I really don't take this happiness for granted, and yeah something always comes along to make things shitty. But its how you deal with it, and what you want for yourself and other people. I want to be happy, and I want my loved ones to be happy. Everything else can fuck off. 

Start living. :)

Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Pope, Dorothy, A French Man, Various Fruits & Friends.

 Bonjour. I mean hello. Fancy dress party last night and it was brilliant. I recommend to anyone, if you're having a party, theme it. 
 I got lots of good photo's during the evening and I thought everyones costumes were great. It was a really good 17th party. I also got an artistic image of Mlle Anana's when she was throwing her pineapple over her pineapple face and it turned out amazingly. 

 One of the best things about this party was that my close friend Aliya came over from London for this, which shows how much effort she would make for her friends.

I also got a few cracking shots of the twins admiring Carrie twins chin. Brilliant. :') 

Just a warning, cheap vodka is not a good idea, and all hangovers are cured by apple and pineapple cartons of juice, hash browns and beans.

I fucking love these people. :') 

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Custard Creams.

Basically, I love custard creams, and a little project about them was right up my street for today. 
I decided that I'd caption my simplistic images to create a contemporary result. I feel that Custard Creams are very British, because they're always accompanied by tea. I love the result of both of my images.  

Thursday, 3 May 2012


Pennies are like life. 

Pennies are basically the smaller components of a pound, which is the complete currency. But every little penny makes up the pound. 
Moments are basically the smaller components of life. Every moment makes up life. 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I need to stop thinking everything through in my head. There is no real problem, I'm just feeling lonely. I miss Boris. 

I'm excited for Saturday, I hope everything goes alright. I need a laugh and a drink. 

I need a hug. 
fuck, I need a bullet to the head. Stop whinging, get on with it, work now. See if anything changes. 
Generally todays been a bit shit. I suppose today isn't over yet.. 
So, that means that tomorrow can only be better.
I can deal with that.