Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Pope, Dorothy, A French Man, Various Fruits & Friends.

 Bonjour. I mean hello. Fancy dress party last night and it was brilliant. I recommend to anyone, if you're having a party, theme it. 
 I got lots of good photo's during the evening and I thought everyones costumes were great. It was a really good 17th party. I also got an artistic image of Mlle Anana's when she was throwing her pineapple over her pineapple face and it turned out amazingly. 

 One of the best things about this party was that my close friend Aliya came over from London for this, which shows how much effort she would make for her friends.

I also got a few cracking shots of the twins admiring Carrie twins chin. Brilliant. :') 

Just a warning, cheap vodka is not a good idea, and all hangovers are cured by apple and pineapple cartons of juice, hash browns and beans.

I fucking love these people. :') 

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