Friday, 14 December 2012

Its definitely Christmas.

High stress levels, cold feet and a lot of headaches, Christmas is definitely here. Despite the beautiful English weather bringing me down, I'm trying to stay positive, although 5 shifts at work, chest pains and lack of energy mean that this is definitely challenging.

I like the word definitely today. 

One more week though, and freedom will be mine from sixthform for another year. I'm going christmas shopping this weekend with my beautiful girlfriend, and this will hopefully cheer me up rather than stress me out, but we'll see about that one. Currently, I'm finding that I need people at the minute because of my sheer lack of energy, but I feel like I need to stay positive and appreciate the people that I do have around me, because I'm actually really lucky.

Anyways! I thought I'd upload a few christmassy shots of the christmas tree with extended exposure lengths for a little bit of festive magic, because we all need a little of this. 

Monday, 24 September 2012

Placing happiness.

Life has gotten very strange.
I am extremely happy when it comes to my relationship with my girlfriend, and I think we're in a great place now, despite shitty shitform. (insightful, I know).

However, I feel that the relationships that I share with most other people are slipping which is not very nice to be experiencing. I have a few extremely brilliant best friends and they know who they are, but others seem to be losing touch. All of this I don't feel is a fault of anyones. People just get caught up in their own life and you can't exactly blame them because you're fully aware of doing it yourself. 

I'm trying to adjust myself to fit in with my friends whilst juggling work, shitform and a relationship at the same time, but its not as easy as it sounds. 

To be completely honest I miss having a strong group of friends, because I don't feel like that exists anymore, or even a small group that get along? I just feel that as we're growing older, we're drifting in our own directions. That doesn't mean that I'm giving my friends up though. That'd be stupid.

I am also finding shitform really challenging because I am putting so much more work in than I did last year, which has made me realise why I got the grades I did. I wish I'd done more work but I don't think I'd appreciate what I had achieved, so this year is completely different.

A reference that I'm making with life is the a soap or drama which has a cast which changes. You have recurring characters, extra's, departures and entrances. Its just keeping up with the opening titles which is the challenging part, whilst writing the script and performing the lines. 

Maybe it's time for a bit of a revamp with the titles and seeing what the response is. 

Saturday, 1 September 2012

September 1st.

So its September the first and things are rather disorganised however I'm thinking that the organisation that is being implemented is being successful so here's hoping for a good September. I had a really good August, I went on holiday to Newquay with my beautiful girlfriend (on a side note, we've been together for nine months today, yay! :) ) and got to lie on the beach which was all I really wanted to do!

I've begun to realise that the amounts of responsibility which I have increases by the day and as daunting as it is, its also kind of liberating. 
I have one hope for the next academic school year and that is to improve my grades I achieved this year by one. I wasn't happy with my grades apart from my A in art, so I'll be working my arse off to ensure that I do well, otherwise I'll be waving goodbye to University and my million dollar fortune which I shall earn after... All joking aside, I want to do well for myself so here goes nothing right?
Musically, I'm excited to go and see the Vaccines in November with my sister, and I am currently playing Twin Atlantic to within an inch of their lives. 
Happy September everyone!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Here is a mock up of a cover for a fruity magazine, which was conceptualised by me and Charlie Anana's. I had the idea of using a pineapple as the background, and then manipulated the clothes to create the effect of blueberries as a skirt, to continue the theme. This concept will be developed further into a complete magazine design, created by myself and Charlie Anana's. 

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Having the 'Life Talk' .

 Monday was a good day. Myself and Watts attempted a creative project in the afternoon, however were seemingly un-successful at the time, so we met Nicholas as he was on duty of alcohol purchase. We then walked down into town when the heavens opened and we were left soaked.

We then went and spent a fortune on ingredients, pudding and alcohol, to return home just in time for Natalie and James arriving. I then cooked, and I liked it, most people said they did. I made James a cheese toastie because he's a nice guy, but doesn't like vegetables (sucks considering I made vegetable lasagne). 

We then began drinking shots, which were vodka, vodka & tiser and vodka & vimto. All were pretty questionable other than the straight vodka. 

We spent the evening once James & Natalie had left playing the classic 'I have never' and then pondering life, whilst trying to throw alcohol down our throats considering that we were no longer in the mood.
We continued the evening talking about sex, drugs and rock and roll, until Lauren left us, which left the room with 3 people with an appetite for conversation about life. Oh dear.
We contemplated life, talked about our superstitions and I think it got us 3 closer, considering we were all close friends independently anyway.
The night ended on a high note (before Nick kept us up for most of the night because he didn't want to sleep before he went to work, yet called in sick in the morning.. idiot.) definitely one of the more interesting nights of my life.
Just a quick note, this final image was us playing around with a deck of cards to create an aesthetically pleasing image, and I think its bloody cool. 

Monday, 6 August 2012

The Hawaiian Summer.

I had a party and it was very, very good. 
Themed the 'Hawaiian Summer', I thought that this was the best way to make the most of my evening as this night was to be my summer holiday. The evening went really well, ring of fire and I have never had their appearances whilst listening to a bit of Elvis ;) and then afterwards, everyone got on their feet and the house became a hub of energy. It was brilliant. My inclusion of vodka jelly, bucket of tropical juice and vodka, and fruity ice cubes proved popular, especially with the jelly as everyone ate the cubes with straws. Interesting. 
It was the best party I have held and only minor incidents occurred leaving the house a little stained and scratched. Everything is as it was, however here are the pictures to demonstrate how colourful the night got. 

just a note, I should have worn more clothes. 


Saturday, 21 July 2012

Camden Town.

Here's a load of pictures taken in Camden Town, London. They're pretty cool.  

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Extreme work.

So I just did the hardest image edit I've ever had to do in my life. 

Here's the link to my graphic blog:

Here's a link to the model Mlle Anana's blog:

New Look.

So my blog now has a new look. I think its pretty good myself, although I'm never going to leave it alone now. *sighs*
I thought I'd share a graphic style image of myself which I used in my header because I really like it. 

Monday, 9 July 2012

Being a bit geeky.

So for my more professional blog, I have modelled as a geek. Sad but true, and I do however feel that the photo's are pretty successful, however here is a photo which I really like which I didn't include in the final images.

No, making a complete dick of myself does not bother me in the slightest.

Its just too fucking funny. 

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Get Stuffed.

Today has been perfect. Me & Gina were cooking, and decided we'd have a go at cooking stuffed peppers. They were pretty tasty although we have decided to add more seasoning and change a few ingredients but it was pretty goooood. Here's a few pictures to have a gander at. 

No words are sufficient to describe the way I feel about you, Georgina.