Monday, 24 September 2012

Placing happiness.

Life has gotten very strange.
I am extremely happy when it comes to my relationship with my girlfriend, and I think we're in a great place now, despite shitty shitform. (insightful, I know).

However, I feel that the relationships that I share with most other people are slipping which is not very nice to be experiencing. I have a few extremely brilliant best friends and they know who they are, but others seem to be losing touch. All of this I don't feel is a fault of anyones. People just get caught up in their own life and you can't exactly blame them because you're fully aware of doing it yourself. 

I'm trying to adjust myself to fit in with my friends whilst juggling work, shitform and a relationship at the same time, but its not as easy as it sounds. 

To be completely honest I miss having a strong group of friends, because I don't feel like that exists anymore, or even a small group that get along? I just feel that as we're growing older, we're drifting in our own directions. That doesn't mean that I'm giving my friends up though. That'd be stupid.

I am also finding shitform really challenging because I am putting so much more work in than I did last year, which has made me realise why I got the grades I did. I wish I'd done more work but I don't think I'd appreciate what I had achieved, so this year is completely different.

A reference that I'm making with life is the a soap or drama which has a cast which changes. You have recurring characters, extra's, departures and entrances. Its just keeping up with the opening titles which is the challenging part, whilst writing the script and performing the lines. 

Maybe it's time for a bit of a revamp with the titles and seeing what the response is. 

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