Saturday, 1 September 2012

September 1st.

So its September the first and things are rather disorganised however I'm thinking that the organisation that is being implemented is being successful so here's hoping for a good September. I had a really good August, I went on holiday to Newquay with my beautiful girlfriend (on a side note, we've been together for nine months today, yay! :) ) and got to lie on the beach which was all I really wanted to do!

I've begun to realise that the amounts of responsibility which I have increases by the day and as daunting as it is, its also kind of liberating. 
I have one hope for the next academic school year and that is to improve my grades I achieved this year by one. I wasn't happy with my grades apart from my A in art, so I'll be working my arse off to ensure that I do well, otherwise I'll be waving goodbye to University and my million dollar fortune which I shall earn after... All joking aside, I want to do well for myself so here goes nothing right?
Musically, I'm excited to go and see the Vaccines in November with my sister, and I am currently playing Twin Atlantic to within an inch of their lives. 
Happy September everyone!

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