Monday, 30 April 2012


So, my evening got eventful. Had a creative urge, went crazy and ended up with this. I really like it actually and I'm quite proud of it. I love the vibrancy and the thickness of the paint combined with the vibrancy of colour and flat black background. I created this with acrylic paint on canvas. My inspiration came from my own photo's which I took, which can be found in my blog 'getting a bit handy'. -

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Being Kate Moss

So, from the title here is my photography which I will be using in my AS level Art Exam prep and Exam. My model Charlie Anana's did an amazing job at modelling for me and I am very grateful for her doing so. I got some really good results and I am very happy to be able to use them within my exam work. 

 Here is the original Kate Moss photo with my version below it. I feel that this photo has been the most successful because of the positioning and angle of the shot. I am also very proud of my super-imposed smoke which I added in during the edited stages which I feel looks considerably realistic. 

Here is a link to Charlie Anana's blog:

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Relationships Nowadays.

Well. #relationshipsnowdays was trending on Twitter, and basically the majority of twitter feel that relationships revolve around being short lived, people cheating, or having others involved in their relationships and lack of trust, which all lead to the ending of relationships.

Thing is, all relationships are hardly like this and back in the 'old' days, relationships were exactly the same as they are now. It was about two people that felt that they wanted to be with this person, and usually ended up spending the rest of their lives with them. This hasn't changed, and there are couples which are very in love today and don't worry about external influences that 'could' affect their relationship.

Now though, I feel that people have changed, not relationships. Everyone is waiting for something to go wrong, not willing to trust and have a lack of dedication to the person they are in a relationship. Life is no more difficult now than it was in the 'old' days, in fact its probably easier. So what excuse does anyone have to claim that these outside influences affect their relationship?

I feel that trust is the key to a good relationship. As long as the couple trust each other and remain loyal and honest, why should a couple have to deal with any external influences on their relationships? Trust is something that is hard to earn. That surely shows that if you can trust them, then they had put the effort into being trusted in the first place?

If people could remain in a relationship back then, there's nothing stopping people being in a long trusting relationship now. 

I personally intend on living my life in a trusting relationship until the day I die.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Getting a bit Handy.

Basically, I was making my sisters birthday present when I got paint on my hand. This developed into me painting my hand and getting all creative. I really love all of these images just because they're vibrant and colourful. I hope you like them, enjoy. 

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Creative 5 mins.

Here's an arty 5 minutes worth of work. I really like it.
The colour change kind of shows the the passionate side and then the cooler romantic side to a relationship. Its not perfect, but love is not perfection. Love is the way you feel about someone who you would do anything for.
Live it, love it.

For now however, I'm off to work.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Stressing is pointless.

Here's my opinion: We all stress, its cool, natural but there is literally no point. You could stress about the past, but you can do nothing about it. You could stress about the future, and can do nothing about it. The only difference you can make is now, and stressing seriously will not help you make any difference what so ever.

Thing is, none of us stress about dying even though tomorrow you could be hit by a car and die. Nobody knows what's going to happen, but if we knew, surely we'd appreciate nothing?

So what I say is to live in the moment, deal with things as they come and don't worry about what 'might' happen. If it happens then deal with things and move on. There'll always be someone there that cares, and you'll know who they are. 
 Captured in a moment which I spent with the girl I love. 

Tea Spilling is a real problem.

Why is it, when you're actually ready to go out, you always manage to spill something down you (mainly tea). I basically poured some of my tea down my top. Good one Jamie. 


Since this week has been one of the shittest weeks of my life (excluding a few days) I think now is time for a bit of a rejuvenation. Things came hurtling from all angles and I think I've managed to deal with everything. I think I've now got to be honest and move on. Life just seems to flip sometimes. 

Today should be a good day though. Going for a meal with my parents & sister and then seeing a few friends. I just need a laugh and a dance now, and I'll be fine. :) 

To show my change of focus in my life, I thought I'd import this image I took the other night of my earphones. The focus is very limited on the wire, but I really like the image as a photograph. So I suppose its the little things that I've got to make sure I focus on, as well as the compilation of my life as a whole too. I think I'm feeling metaphorical today. :')

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Love for Boris

So Boris has been lovely the past couple of days. Plenty of well needed hugs and even kisses yesterday. I love that she even makes effort with me (even if it is bringing one of her mice to play with me..)
But yeah.
Best dog in the world. (and best friend.) 

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Things that mean the most.

So, I was thinking and I decided upon something. The things that mean the most aren't of monitory value, but the things that have thought behind them. Take for example my Jesus bracelet on the top of my other bracelets. My girlfriend gave it to me, for no reason other than she wanted me to have it. That now means more to me than pretty much any tangible item I own, along with my photo's. She wanted me to have it.

So I came to the conclusion, if you put thought into something, it doesn't mean you have to spend money. It just means that putting thought into something could mean the world to someone else. And surely that's a better result than any other you can get.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


So. I don't think anyone is really bothered about talking this evening, so I decided to do something interesting. I was just taking random pictures (as I do) of things around my room and I ended up taking picture of a £20 note. I was editing the picture when I had the idea of adding the caption which I think is relevant within today's society. It seems that people believe that money is the most important thing in life. I disagree. People were less off in the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's, but it didn't stop them having a good time. My Grandma sometimes tells me of old memories she spent with my Grandad dancing in village halls and how her and her friends found the places beautiful, and that they were dancing all night, having a laugh with each other. Why should everyone believe that money is that important to have fun, when actually, many people have managed before us with little or no money?

Living In Colour.

So I took my opportunity. I saw a rainbow, and I caught pictures of it. I also took a few pictures of the rainy pavement. I edited the pictures and made them into a little collection. They were all edited with Adobe Photoshop. 

Monday, 16 April 2012

AS Art - Exam Piece.

I have no idea what to do. 

I'm considering painting Kate Moss' face on A3 paper in black and white acrylic. I want something which stands out though, not just an underwhelming piece people won't think is that great? Or I could do a silhouette of Kate Moss on a background of the London skyline, similar to the one used in my Adele & Michael Caine piece. I like that idea, although the silhouette is a completely new idea, unless I create a few new pieces soon? I'll have to carry on thinking about it. I wanna get an A. Its wishful thinking, but it'd make my day.

In other news, poor old Boris has hurt her foot and she's feeling sorry for herself. I hope she gets better soon. :( 

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Pop-Culture pieces.

So I took a few pictures of odd bits around my room. The above image is of the Coca-Cola bottle which I have, which presents interesting shadows and depth. The below image is a magazine page featuring Pixie Lott, which I ripped out of my sisters magazine.. I'm a fan... ;)?
Below that is a smirnoff bottle. I played with colours and contrasts with these images and found the outcome pretty satisfying. Take a look. 

Saturday, 14 April 2012


I needed a creative outlet today. My subject were the shirts in my wardrobe. I had been tidying my room and the combination of colours intrigued me. I love the contrast of them. Here's a few shots I took. I also really like the depth of the one below. 


People are the important things in my life. My mood changes depending on how other people are feeling, which is interesting. I would like to spend a day with them all, dancing on a beach around a fire, but the temperature on this beach is still warm anyways. Simple things.

I really like my music taste at the minute. Now that is random.

I miss Gina. 

The future is confusing me a little and time is going way too fast. Choosing a uni is going to be harder than I thought. Then theres my car + lessons =insurance.

I want to sit in my room with my close friends with a couple of bottles of wine and have a laugh and nobody telling me what to do or how to be. =perfect. 

Completed Piece.

I finally finished my painting/collage of Micheal Caine and Adele. Adele was done in acrylic paint, as was the background, whilst Micheal Caine was completed in pencil. This is an A1 piece. Very happy! 

Friday, 13 April 2012

My Bestfriend.

The topic of who is my bestfriend entered into conversation earlier, and I began to think about it, and realised that my dog Boris is my bestfriend. I would tell her anything and she'd happily listen and not make any problems for a couple of custard creams. She also makes as much effort as me to sit with each other. Shes not too talkative, but has more of a personality than most people I know. I love this dog.


This is me. I basically just enjoy doing anything creative.
I'm laid back, enjoy drinking tea with custard creams, beaches and having a laugh.
I love taking photo's because I want to make sure that I can remember everything, seen as my memory is awful. I love my pictures. Even the god awful ones I get of people. They're memories. 

Chirpy Pigeon.

So, Mr Pigeon was feeling a little chirpy today. Slightly obese yet he looks on top of the world, considering that he is considered vermin. I'm happy for the happy pigeon. :)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Fruity Video

So I spent an hour making an amusing video of todays events. I intended for it to look good, but after 20mins I gave up, and just put together a few clips, turned up the saturation and added a vignette effect. If you like it, then thats all good. It just makes me laugh. My friends are hilarious.
Here's a higher quality link.

Fruity - Photography

On top of taking some great pictures with my friends, I had a few photo's which turned out great of the fruit itself, so I thought I'd put them on here too. They've all been edited, however with Adobe Photoshop, not Instagram - I don't agree with instagram, everything is too manufactured. 
Have a gander. 


Fruity - Friends

It was a normal Thursday to begin with. Then 3pm arrived and the madness began. Several hours in town and 120 pictures and 23 video's later, I arrived home back to my cup of tea.
Today was basically spent roaming around town using fruits such as anana's, kiwi's, watermelons and a coconut as props and subjects of various photographs. Feeling a little risqué myself, seen as we were indeed being a little random, but it actually improved confidence levels on my part to make more of a prat of myself to get better pictures. On top of getting a creative product, today was a laugh with some very good friends of mine. Here's a few shots of the day. 

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Comfort Eating.

So yes. I arrived home to find that I could not help to notice that I had full access to a full loaf of bread, cheese and a toaster. Lets say, I was a happy guy after eating my slightly singed toasted cheese sandwiches. This was accompanied by a large cup of tea for good measure.

It is also proof that BlackBerry camera's are awful. 

A Day With Uncle Fester.

I thought the title needed an explanation, and it seems that Mlle Anana's was caught at a bad moment. I do think its kinda reminiscent of Uncle Fester from the Adams Family though.

Anyways. Back home, hair's been cut and I seem can't get it to do what I want it to. Irrelevant yes, but why can't it ever look good when I am actually taking pictures? Anyways, a day of hoping to be creative ended up being a day of finding amusing videos related to anana's and kiwi's. (I am Kiwi Wallis apparently.) I do not know how this happened and its rather amusing. All I can say is that there is one line of the day which will be sticking in my head for a very long time. 'You have so many seeds'. Check it out for yourselves.

Motion Shots.

Before I left Newquay, I took a few photo's of the Cornwall Air Ambulance which was flying above Fistral beach. This was the first time I got to properly use the motion setting on my camera. They turned out pretty good actually. Have a gander. Both photo's I edited the colour variation. 

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I'm a fool for her.

I didn't think it'd be right to not post anything about the girl that I cannot describe as anything other than perfect. I can't say anymore than that. One blog post is nothing compared to the way she makes me feel. I miss her at the minute, seen as she's in Germanland. She's back on Monday though, so happy times!! 

Pineapples with talent.

So. I had a random thought that popped into my head and when I was listening to 'William, it was really nothing' which is by the Smiths, and thought that I'd post a link to my best friend Watts' blog. 

What made me think of it was the subject of getting married in the song: 'would you like to marry me and if you'd like you can buy the ring', because she made a wedding dress using bin bags, and I always found it pretty cool. This picture was taken outside the church my parents got married and I was christened. Pretty cool. 

Here's the link to her blog btw. 
She's a self confessed Pineapple.