Saturday, 28 April 2012

Relationships Nowadays.

Well. #relationshipsnowdays was trending on Twitter, and basically the majority of twitter feel that relationships revolve around being short lived, people cheating, or having others involved in their relationships and lack of trust, which all lead to the ending of relationships.

Thing is, all relationships are hardly like this and back in the 'old' days, relationships were exactly the same as they are now. It was about two people that felt that they wanted to be with this person, and usually ended up spending the rest of their lives with them. This hasn't changed, and there are couples which are very in love today and don't worry about external influences that 'could' affect their relationship.

Now though, I feel that people have changed, not relationships. Everyone is waiting for something to go wrong, not willing to trust and have a lack of dedication to the person they are in a relationship. Life is no more difficult now than it was in the 'old' days, in fact its probably easier. So what excuse does anyone have to claim that these outside influences affect their relationship?

I feel that trust is the key to a good relationship. As long as the couple trust each other and remain loyal and honest, why should a couple have to deal with any external influences on their relationships? Trust is something that is hard to earn. That surely shows that if you can trust them, then they had put the effort into being trusted in the first place?

If people could remain in a relationship back then, there's nothing stopping people being in a long trusting relationship now. 

I personally intend on living my life in a trusting relationship until the day I die.

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