Sunday, 22 April 2012

Stressing is pointless.

Here's my opinion: We all stress, its cool, natural but there is literally no point. You could stress about the past, but you can do nothing about it. You could stress about the future, and can do nothing about it. The only difference you can make is now, and stressing seriously will not help you make any difference what so ever.

Thing is, none of us stress about dying even though tomorrow you could be hit by a car and die. Nobody knows what's going to happen, but if we knew, surely we'd appreciate nothing?

So what I say is to live in the moment, deal with things as they come and don't worry about what 'might' happen. If it happens then deal with things and move on. There'll always be someone there that cares, and you'll know who they are. 
 Captured in a moment which I spent with the girl I love. 

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