Sunday, 22 April 2012


Since this week has been one of the shittest weeks of my life (excluding a few days) I think now is time for a bit of a rejuvenation. Things came hurtling from all angles and I think I've managed to deal with everything. I think I've now got to be honest and move on. Life just seems to flip sometimes. 

Today should be a good day though. Going for a meal with my parents & sister and then seeing a few friends. I just need a laugh and a dance now, and I'll be fine. :) 

To show my change of focus in my life, I thought I'd import this image I took the other night of my earphones. The focus is very limited on the wire, but I really like the image as a photograph. So I suppose its the little things that I've got to make sure I focus on, as well as the compilation of my life as a whole too. I think I'm feeling metaphorical today. :')

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