Monday, 9 April 2012

Surreal days.

Surreal is the word of the day. 
A combination of videocalling my girlfriend before she goes to Germany for the week, watching 'I am Number 4' in 3D and having an hour long shower seems to have done the trick to make my brain combine into a group of mush. Not that it wasn't already, but that's a different story.
Just took a picture of the view of the sunset right near Fistral Beach, Newquay. 

Its beautiful, I love it here. I'd happily live anywhere around here. 

The culture is so different from the Midlands: coffee shops everywhere, surfing, board shorts and limited amounts of chavs around really makes me happy. This is the place I'm bringing my friends this summer, and the place I hope I grow old.
Just another note, I've listened to the smiths today and they're possibly my favourite music at the moment, although that changes every week. 

My name is Jamie by the way.
Or James, or Jim. Hence the url. 

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