Friday, 14 December 2012

Its definitely Christmas.

High stress levels, cold feet and a lot of headaches, Christmas is definitely here. Despite the beautiful English weather bringing me down, I'm trying to stay positive, although 5 shifts at work, chest pains and lack of energy mean that this is definitely challenging.

I like the word definitely today. 

One more week though, and freedom will be mine from sixthform for another year. I'm going christmas shopping this weekend with my beautiful girlfriend, and this will hopefully cheer me up rather than stress me out, but we'll see about that one. Currently, I'm finding that I need people at the minute because of my sheer lack of energy, but I feel like I need to stay positive and appreciate the people that I do have around me, because I'm actually really lucky.

Anyways! I thought I'd upload a few christmassy shots of the christmas tree with extended exposure lengths for a little bit of festive magic, because we all need a little of this.