Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A Day With Uncle Fester.

I thought the title needed an explanation, and it seems that Mlle Anana's was caught at a bad moment. I do think its kinda reminiscent of Uncle Fester from the Adams Family though.

Anyways. Back home, hair's been cut and I seem can't get it to do what I want it to. Irrelevant yes, but why can't it ever look good when I am actually taking pictures? Anyways, a day of hoping to be creative ended up being a day of finding amusing videos related to anana's and kiwi's. (I am Kiwi Wallis apparently.) I do not know how this happened and its rather amusing. All I can say is that there is one line of the day which will be sticking in my head for a very long time. 'You have so many seeds'. Check it out for yourselves.

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