Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Having the 'Life Talk' .

 Monday was a good day. Myself and Watts attempted a creative project in the afternoon, however were seemingly un-successful at the time, so we met Nicholas as he was on duty of alcohol purchase. We then walked down into town when the heavens opened and we were left soaked.

We then went and spent a fortune on ingredients, pudding and alcohol, to return home just in time for Natalie and James arriving. I then cooked, and I liked it, most people said they did. I made James a cheese toastie because he's a nice guy, but doesn't like vegetables (sucks considering I made vegetable lasagne). 

We then began drinking shots, which were vodka, vodka & tiser and vodka & vimto. All were pretty questionable other than the straight vodka. 

We spent the evening once James & Natalie had left playing the classic 'I have never' and then pondering life, whilst trying to throw alcohol down our throats considering that we were no longer in the mood.
We continued the evening talking about sex, drugs and rock and roll, until Lauren left us, which left the room with 3 people with an appetite for conversation about life. Oh dear.
We contemplated life, talked about our superstitions and I think it got us 3 closer, considering we were all close friends independently anyway.
The night ended on a high note (before Nick kept us up for most of the night because he didn't want to sleep before he went to work, yet called in sick in the morning.. idiot.) definitely one of the more interesting nights of my life.
Just a quick note, this final image was us playing around with a deck of cards to create an aesthetically pleasing image, and I think its bloody cool. 

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